Neiman Marcus + Target

I started my Christmas shopping at Target & Neiman Marcus last weekend and, of course, I bought some stuff for the house. The quality level of the Neiman Marcus + Target collection is better than the typical Target designer collection, but the prices are a little higher, too.

I bought the Band of Outsiders cookie cutter set and used some of my Christmas sugar cookie dough to make the quirky cookies.
Cookie Cutters

20121203-071751.jpg 20121203-071758.jpg

I also bought the Altuzarra cocktail shaker & glasses and the Tracy Reese dessert plates.

Shaker & glasses Dessert plates

The clothes were somewhat of a disappointment. I do like that the Target designer lines use cheaper material because that means it’s usually not silk or wool. But the women’s clothes were not very impressive – they looked cheap and were expensive. There were only two items that I really liked and the one jacket was actually 100% wool, so I didn’t buy it. The other was the Proenza Schouler sweatshirt. I ordered it online and then tried it on at the Target store. The sizing is pretty accurate. I wanted a roomier fit and the small was perfect.

The Oscar de la Renta bag, which was one of the few non-leather accessories, looks great online, but very cheap in person. The Tory Burch lunch accessories are cute. The Jason Wu ornaments are also very nice, but eek, $50 for 3 Christmas tree ornaments?! Overall, it’s a pretty decent collection.

Missoni for Target

Second update: I won. PayPal ruled in my favor and I got my money back. I also got a gift card as an apology. Take that snotty customer service reps who said nothing could be done!

Update: I am boycotting Target. It took my money, lost my package (created a shipping label, but never gave the package to UPS) and a month and a half later wants to give me a gift card because I used PayPal. (I only used PayPal because the website crashed five times while I was placing an order. I entered my credit card number so many times I practically had it memorized. I saw PayPal as an opportunity to go through the checkout process faster). At checkout, it says that if the buyer returns any times, s/he will receive a gift card. I have been unable to speak to any reasonable person at Target who can comprehend this situation. I am not trying to return my order. The risk of loss does not transfer from a merchant to a buyer until the shipper receives the items. UPS never got the package & Target suffers the loss.

How can I return items I don’t have? Besides, I want these items! I placed an order for a specific jacket and vest, not whatever Target feels like substituting. Target is initiating the “return;” therefore, I should not have to take a gift card. Until Target gives me my money back, I am not shopping there.

It was pure madness at Target yesterday when it released the Missoni for Target line. The heavily advertised, zig-zag line ranged from womens dresses to kitchen glasses to carry-on suitcases. I woke up around 6:15 yesterday to check out the new line. There was one jacket I saw in the advertisement that I really wanted:

There were a couple dresses that I thought were cute (only one was in stock though) and I was going to get some towels for the guest bathroom. I was about ready to check out when the website crashed. The website was down for hours; I checked periodically on my iphone, on my way to Chicago. After delivering my documents to the Judge, I had about an hour and a half to kill before my train, so I decided to take the bus down to Target and see what they had there. Nothing. It was all gone! At 10:30 in the morning, there were no womens clothing items left. (The trip down there wasn’t a total waste. I stopped at Whole Foods for a Upton’s Natural pastrami sandwich and a Sweet & Sara peanut butter s’more). There were 2 ugly picture frames and some girls clothing and that was it. But then the website started working again, so I found the items I wanted and was in the process of checking out when it crashed again!

When I got home from Chicago, I was able to get on and check out. I got the jacket! I also bought a sweater shell and some tights.

After work, I went over to McHenry. I figured most people out here have never heard of Missoni, but even this store was picked through. There were a couple dresses I tried on, but neither of them were very flattering. The line runs big. I even tried on a poncho sweater from the girls section. It was cute & the XL fit perfectly, but honestly, where will I ever wear a poncho?I did buy a barrette, some hair pins, a pair of socks and tumblers. The McHenry store also had the luggage, which looked great. I just bought a new suitcase last year, so I didn’t need another. Of course, I could have been a jerk, bought it for $160 and put it on ebay for $300. I can’t decide which is worse: the people who bought everything up to put on ebay or the people who are actually buying Target candles for $80. Yes, it’s Missoni, but it’s still Target, people!

Some of the sweaters and the one button-down shirt at McHenry looked extremely cheap. But the sweater dresses and the poncho looked decent and there was a baby coat that was adorable! If I had a baby or was pregnant, I would have bought all the baby items. Hopefully, my jacket is just as nice.

Unfortunately, the ties and scarves were silk and the winter accessories were a wool blend. McHenry had a lovely blue winter scarf that I would have bought if it didn’t have wool in it. The sweaters and jackets that I looked at were all wool & silk-free.