OCD Sweets + Teal Cat Project

Happy Valentine’s Day. I am not a big fan of this holiday, but I am a huge fan of chocolate.  This year a great candy company and a fantastic charity paired up for Valentine’s day to bring a fabulous box a treats.

The Teal Cat Project takes old cat tchotchkes, paints them teal and sells them to raise funds for cat rescue organizations that practice trap, neuter, and release.

Obsessive Confection Disorder is a vegan California-based candy company specializing in caramel.

The box contained 2 Rose Petal Caramels With Gold Leaf, 2 Mel’s Way Candy Bars wrapped in teal foil (like Milky Ways!), 2 Love Bomb Lollies (salted caramel dipped in chocolate), and 4 Love Nips which are: lavender mint shortbread Meowmies with chocolate whiskers AND vanilla beans shortbread hearts dipped in chocolate. Delicious!

Also pictured is my teal cat.

20130206-120915.jpg 20130206-120929.jpg 20130206-120937.jpg 20130206-121000.jpg 20130206-121007.jpg 20130206-121015.jpg 20130206-121225.jpg

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