Christmas Wrap Up

H and i went to Birmingham for Christmas and we had a great time with friends and family. My sister and I decorated gingerbread and sugar cookies on Christmas Eve. We forgot to leave some out with a glass of soy milk for Santa.

20121230-140451.jpg 20121230-140503.jpg 20121230-140544.jpg 20121230-140552.jpg 20121230-140606.jpg

After a hilly run and opening presents, we had a lovely brunch: spinach artichoke dip quiche, Field Roast sausages, my mom’s famous sticky buns, a healthy fruit salad, cranberry mimosas and Barney’s Santa’s white Christmas coffee.

20121230-141051.jpg 20121230-141103.jpg 20121230-141111.jpg 20121230-141120.jpg

Brunch put us way behind, so dinner preparations went hours past the scheduled time (not that we would have been hungry any earlier). We had portobello Wellingtons with carrots and roasted potatoes, but I didn’t get any pictures.

Between making the marshmallow fondant, baking the cake and delicately putting the dragees on the side, I spent hours on this cake. It tasted good and looked okay, but I definitely need to work on my fondant skills.

20121230-141317.jpg 20121230-141327.jpg 20121230-141336.jpg 20121230-141344.jpg 20121230-141352.jpg

(photo credit: Clara)

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