Thanksvegan 2012

Chinese Thanksgiving

Mapo Tofu
Mustard Greens with baked tofu
Bean Sprouts
Sauteed Greens
Snow Peas, Carrots & Mushrooms


American Thanksgiving

Curried Peanut Vegetable Soup
Scalloped Potatoes with Eggplant Bacon
Brussel Sprouts with mustard-agave sauce
Polenta Stuffing with Field Roast Sausages and Mushrooms
Stuffed Delicata Squash
Celebration Field Roast
Apple Pie with Biscoff Ice Cream

20121125-173846.jpg 20121125-173854.jpg 20121125-173900.jpg 20121125-173916.jpg 20121125-173922.jpg 20121125-173909.jpg

H’s family came up for Thanksgiving this year. On Wednesday, we had their traditional holiday meal. His parents made lots of vegetable dishes for me. As always, it was very good. On Thursday, we ran the Hillstriders Thanksgiving 5K, ate leftovers for breakfast and then I started preparation for Thanksvegan. Eight hours of cooking! Everything went fairly smoothly, except the Celebration Roast took forever to warm up. It was tasty though. The squash looked pretty, but it was too hard. Everything else was a success, especially the apple pie with Biscoff ice cream.

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