Tokio Pub Schaumburg

H and I went out to Schaumburg last weekend to drop off his computer at the Apple Store (the logic board, whatever that is, died) and test drive a Prius. We decided to switch it up a bit and instead of going to Yu’s Mandarin, we tried the Tokio Pub. The Tokio Pub specializes in tacos, sushi and noodles.

To drink, I had a raspberry saketini, which was delicious.

20120826-101520.jpg 20120826-101525.jpg

To eat I had the spicy edamame, which was good, but by the end of the dish my lips were burning.


The marinated eggplant was my favorite


And finally, two crispy tofu tacos with guacamole. The tacos are very tiny, so I wish I ordered three. I am going to try to recreate this at home, but with pan-fried tofu.

20120826-101540.jpg 20120826-101546.jpg


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