Ombré Cake


I got the idea off of Pinterest (I am officially addicted to the website – so many recipes and cake ideas, so little time). The cake in the original blog post was pink, and it looks incredible. Check it out here. I did a purple cake for  our legal assistant Carolyn’s birthday. I only did 4 layers, but still had room for 4 swirl colors.  I used the vanilla cake recipe from Sticky Fingers. I doubled it and added Wilton’s violet food coloring to 3 of the cake layers.

20120715-070920.jpg 20120715-070926.jpg 20120715-070940.jpg 20120715-070933.jpg 20120715-070948.jpg 20120715-071014.jpg


  1. I just said “holy shit” four times while looking at this post. I scared Darryl. this is GORGEOUS. i wish i could get married again so that this could be the wedding cake.

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