Barrington Country Bistro

At the end of a very long week (it’s always hard after a holiday), H and I ventured back out to the Foundry in Barrington to dine at Barrington Country Bistro.  We ate outside on the patio, which was quite nice, because the restaurant was freezing. We started off with elderflower martinis, which were lovely.

20120715-071322.jpg 20120715-071328.jpg

We ordered some olive tapenade to go with our bread. I can’t believe I wasted so much of my life hating olives, because they are delicious, especially all chopped up in a tapenade and spread over bread.

20120715-071334.jpg 20120715-071339.jpg

I ordered organic bistro salad with balsamic vinaigrette; it usually comes with a dijon balsamic emulsion, but that has egg in it.


BCC labels its vegetarian and gluten-free menu options. It also states that it can “accommodate most dietary restrictions and preferences.” I asked if vegan was one of those dietary restrictions that they could accommodate. Our very friendly server said he would check with the chef.  This is what he came up with: roasted root vegetables, heirloom cherry tomatoes,  red quinoa and a red sauce. I wish I could remember what the sauce was called, because it was very good. I even ate most of beets, which I usually despise.

20120715-071350.jpg 20120715-071356.jpg

H ordered some frites, which they made without cheese so I could eat some, too.


There are some sorbets on the dessert menu, but we were too full. We ordered coffee and headed back to the cornfields of Woodstock.

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