Cake Decorating 101

The before cake:


Ha! A star border and what on earth is in the middle of this cake!

20120224-215901.jpg 20120224-215934.jpg

It was delicious though! Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting on the inside and chocolate frosting on the outside.

20120224-220002.jpg 20120224-220049.jpg

My new toys


At our first class we made a bunny cake.


The after cake:


When I was in junior high (or maybe early high school), a lady at our church made a birthday cake for me with chocolate frosting, basketweaving on the side and flowers on the top. (My name was misspelled, but she misspelled all the names of the youth group girls). I need a little more practice with basketweaving, but I’m really happy with how this turned out.

20120408-072324.jpg 20120408-072331.jpg 20120408-072337.jpg 20120408-072343.jpg

It’s also delicious!

20120408-072423.jpg 20120408-072430.jpg


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