Vegan Seafood Dishes

I found this recipe on Pinterest and veganized it using vegan shrimp from Chinatown and Earth Balance. It was delicious.

20120329-074101.jpg 20120329-074107.jpg 20120329-074113.jpg 20120329-074119.jpg

I actually had to wait in a grocery store line on Sunday and I spent that time looking at Martha Stewart Living. With this noodle free lasagna recipe, an article on cupcake supplies and Easter decorating ideas, I decided to buy it. Honestly, the recipe is weird. It’s just a big mushy mess, but the flavors are good. I’ll buy a loaf of Italian bread tonight and we can spread the lasagna left-overs over toasty bread.


We also tried Sophie’s vegan breaded calamari. I’ve never had calamari before, but H said it had a similar flavor. Some of them were tough, but I think that was a cooking issue. They all froze together and peeling them apart caused the breading to come off.

20120329-074203.jpg 20120329-074432.jpg


  1. I’ve had the same cooking issues w Sophies. I think they have a decent product but need a little work in production or shipping. My breading came off and some were perfect, others were rubbery.

    1. Hmm, that’s discouraging. Did you buy online or at a store? I bought mine from Vegan Essentials which is just on the other side of the Illinois-Wisconsin line, so it gets here fast but maybe that’s still too long. Other frozen foods have not had that problem.

      1. Nope. Got mine at the little health food store across the street and half a block away.

        Have you tried I know tge have mock seafood and a whole storeload of other mock products Just make sure to ask for the vegan only products as some are made with egg. The store is May Wah on Hester St in nyc. Ask for Lily. Tell her I sent you.

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