St. Patrick’s Day, Madness Race Report & Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

We are having crazy warm weather in Chicago. This worries me for two reasons: global warming and if it’s 80 degrees in March, will it be 105 in August? But I’m not going to lie, after a couple weeks of snow, this weather feels amazing (except when you are running a half-marathon, more on that later).

On Saturday, we made our way downtown with thousands of other people dressed in green t-shirts and tank tops to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. First stop, Native Foods for half-priced beer and a Classic Deli Reuben: thinly-sliced deli-style Native Reuben Seitan piled high on grilled marble rye, topped with homemade sauerkraut, Native Horseradish Cheese and a slather of Russian dressing, and served with a side of lemon-dill potato salad. Yum!

20120318-201519.jpg 20120318-201524.jpg 20120318-201529.jpg

Next up the green water: the fountains at the Daley Center.

20120318-201534.jpg 20120318-201540.jpg

This is my fourth St. Patrick’s day in Chicagoland, and I finally saw the green river. It was much brighter than my pictures.

20120318-201546.jpg 20120318-201550.jpg 20120318-201611.jpg 20120318-201616.jpg


March Madness Half-Marathon

Two weeks ago, when I ran this course in the snow with gloves, tights, hat, and a jacket, I was hoping it would be warm enough to wear a sleeveless shirt and my new armwarmers. It was way too hot for armwarmers. It was too hot for a shirt, too (but I kept that on). I had the ambitious goal of qualifying for a C Corral at Chicago and I needed a 1:45:59. On this hilly course in this heat, that was not realistic. It started off well; I was on pace for a 1:45 until mile 10. But there is a big hill before getting to the mile 10 marker that knocked me out and I was never able to recover.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I made Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes for the Hillstriders post-race party: chocolate Guinness cupcakes (from Sticky Fingers Sweets) with whiskey chocolate ganache filling and Baileys Irish cream frosting.

20120319-204131.jpg 20120319-204135.jpg 20120319-204140.jpg 20120319-204156.jpg 20120319-204201.jpg 20120319-204205.jpg

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