Warm your Heart Indoor 5K


Yesterday I ran a 5K in shorts in Chicago in February and not because of global warming The Warm yourHeart 5K was an indoor race, a single loop course through McCormick place. It was in the space that hosts the Chicago marathon expo, plus the room behind that expo hall and the expo hall across from it. There was a lot of zigzagging through the rooms like an amusement park line.


The lanes were fairly large, so it wasn’t crowded. There was also a wave start. I was thinking with all the turns that I’d probably do a 7:30 pace and was debating starting in the first wave (the 6 & 7 min/mile paces) or the second (8 min/mi pace). I went with the second wave and it was the first time I’ve been right at the start line when the gun went off (or air horn, as the case may be). The turns slowed me down a bit, but it was a fun race. It was well organized. A little stuffy inside, but no wind, of course. The only complaint I have is the water stop. I didn’t stop for water and most people ahead of me didn’t either, but spilled water on a concrete floor can be dangerous. I ran back by the water stop at mile 3 and already the water was coming over and making the floor a little slippery. Hopefully, no one fell.


I finally wore my no meat athlete t-shirt to a race!

I didn’t hit the start button on my watch hard enough, so I don’t know my splits, but my finish time was 23:01. That’s a 7:26 pace and it put me in 9th place (out of 218) in my age group.

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