H’s Favorite Two Nights in a Row

We had tacos on Monday. This was super easy: 1 package of Trader Joe’s Beefless Ground Beef,  taco seasoning (make sure there is no milk hidden in the ingredients), jar of salsa, box of taco shells, shredded lettuce and guacamole. Sauteed green pepper mixed into a can of Amy’s refried black beans. It was good. I loved having tacos as a kid and the flavoring and texture reminded me of  the beef tacos I ate way back in the day. I’ll have to pick up some more beefless ground beef the next time I’m as Trader Joe’s because this earned an H’s favorite award.

20111213-221420.jpg 20111213-221426.jpg

I saw this recipe on Twitter this morning, Tofu & Miso Roasted Squash over soba noodles, and had almost all the ingredients at home. I used butternut squash instead of pumpkin and I think it worked okay. Maybe a little sweeter than the pumpkin would have been? The miso glaze and broth are amazing; H, in particular, liked the broth and once again called it his favorite. I’m looking forward to leftovers tomorrow.

20111213-221527.jpg 20111213-221532.jpg 20111213-221536.jpg

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