On Saturday, we had a very late lunch (4:30 late) to watch the Alabama game at Zoozacracker, a casual Wynn restaurant next to the Sports betting area. The food was great, but our experience was not. Zoozacracker has tons of TVs and I stopped by on Friday to make sure the game would be played. The bartender said yes, but unfortunately the TVs in the eating area only had hockey on. The same games were on several TVs, so I asked if one of them could be changed and was told no. I looked around and no one was watching hockey, so that was ridiculous. We could barely see the game on a TV across the room. After we finished the meal, we went over to the bar side and found a spot in front of a TV. That was great until we were asked to move for being a fire hazard. Trust me, if there is a fire, I will move!  She suggested a corner across the room, but from there we could not see the game. So we left. Fortunately, or unfortunately, our hotel room had ESPN2, so we finished watching the miserable first half. We managed to see the first touchdown of the game (and the second as we walked through another bar), but then we had to leave to see the Jabbawockeez, which was a fun show.

So back to the meal. I had the Vegan Wynn burger with Cheese, which is a Gardein burger with vegan cheese, mustard, ketchup and pickles, skinny fries and a soy/coconut chocolate milkshake.  I didn’t want to eat much that day and ruin my appetite for our late lunch and late dinner, so I was starving. It was worth the wait. I was going to share the milkshake with H, but I only gave him a taste. Also, it is an adorable presentation.

20111023-110714.jpg 20111023-110516.jpg 20111023-110759.jpg 20111023-110837.jpg

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