The Buffet at Wynn


I’m back in Vegas at my favorite vegan hotel mogul’s resort, the Encore. Last time we were here we avoided the ubiquitous buffet. Our friends wanted to go to one for brunch, so we agreed to The Buffet at the Wynn, where at least there would be vegan options. The buffet was huge and there was a decent amount of vegan options (vegan, vegetarian and gluten free items are appropriately labeled). I was definitely stuffed at the end and that’s the point of a buffet, right?

First, breakfast: buckwheat pancakes with blueberry compote and fresh fruit.

20111021-122550.jpg 20111021-122601.jpg

Next, lunch: veggie sushi, Asian slaw, mediterranean ceviche, 4 bean enchilada and chips & salsa. The slaw and ceviche were my favorites.

20111021-122857.jpg 20111021-122919.jpg 20111021-123014.jpg 20111021-123033.jpg

And finally, dessert. There were two vegan desserts: chocolate chip cookies and candy apples (three if you include fruit, but I had that for breakfast). Even with pecans, the chocolate chip cookie was delicious (I usually don’t like nuts in my desserts). The candy apples were pretty, but they were too sweet. A couple bites were all I needed.

20111021-123435.jpg 20111021-123450.jpg 20111021-123502.jpg 20111021-123513.jpg 20111021-123522.jpg

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