Have a Six Flags Day

Not sure what a “six flags day” entails, but I was told to have one numerous times throughout the day. Based on how the day went, I can only assume it means “busy.”

I woke up late, at 5:45 a.m., and had 25 minutes to get dressed, grab a cup of coffee and something to eat, and drive 15-20 minutes to Crystal Lake. Somehow I managed, except for the getting something to eat part. I tried, but I could not make myself eat very much of a grape nut peanut bar (grape nuts, brown rice syrup & peanut butter- they are good, but very dense). We ran almost 15 miles and I went home as soon as we got back to the store, which was 30 minutes later than expected. I drove home, took a shower, put on lots of sunscreen, ate a bowl of cereal and made the trip out to Six Flags Great America.


We walked around the park a bit while we waited for our friends. We rode the Dark Knight roller coaster, which is a space mountain type ride. It is a ridiculously short ride. Then H made me do the ladder climb, which is pretty fun, but would be much easier if I wasn’t sliding around in my flip flops.


I sneaked in a clif bar so I could have some protein.  You are not allowed to bring in food unless you have a “dietary restriction.”  I would hope that Six Flags would allow vegans to bring in something, but, to avoid any confrontation, I hid the bar under my swimsuit. I would gladly pay $10 for a veggie burger, Six Flags, but you don’t offer one. Not even at Johnny Rocket’s, where they normally serve a vegan Boca burger. Anyway, this was my lunch: a plate of fries.  Good thing I ran 15 miles.20110717-093524.jpg

We rode a few roller-coasters and the log flume and went to the water park. Unfortunately, the water park closed at 7, so we only got to do one slide.

Our last ride was the carousel. We rode on the top level, where there were just boring horses. The lower level had pigs, cats, camels, giraffes and dragons, as well as horses.

20110717-093544.jpgBefore leaving, I got an icee. It looks pretty, but probably not worth $8. H & I were thinking of how to reuse the cup. I said it was going to be my new running water bottle. If only I could layer flavors of Gatorade.

After leaving the park, we went out for dinner at Ichiban Steakhouse. We just had sushi on Friday night, so I tried the vegetable hibachi dinner. The chef kept my vegetables away from the meat and used a different utensil for serving.

My vegetables on the grill (with the dead animals blacked out).

Building an onion volcano

Onion volcano erupts

The final product

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