Happy 4th of July

This morning I met some friends at Moraine Hills State Park for a scenic 7 mile run.  I can’t believe I’ve never been there before today. It’s so pretty. Afterward, we went to Anne’s house for a potluck breakfast. I finally tried out some brunch recipes from Party Vegan.

The Asparagus Quiche Me Not was really good, but I’ll probably add a little more filling next time.

The Chai Spiced Muffins weren’t my favorite. They might have been a little overcooked. Robin Robertson’s “about XX minutes”  means less than XX minutes in my oven. I’ll have to remember that next time.


Howard made his famous muesli with soy yogurt and Anne made vegan granola (I guess that means honey-free?). My friends are the best.  There was also lots of fresh fruit.


Tonight was the Woodstock fireworks in Emricson Park. We met at Sara’s house and walked over to the park.  It was a decent show; I was pleasantly surprised.

Then we went back to Sara’s for dessert. I brought cupcakes- the classics, vanilla and chocolate- with red, white & blue frosting.

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