As American as Baseball and Vegan Apple Pie


Today is the 4th 3rd of July Parade in Crystal Lake. My friend lives near the parade route, so we went over there to watch the parade and back to her place for a cookout. I made a potato salad from Veganomicon. I forgot to read the whole recipe before going grocery shopping and bought baby carrots for the salad. There are very specific instructions to grate the carrots, not slice. It is rather difficult to grate baby carrots. I had made this recipe before (just a very long time ago), but it’s a good one.


These spicy black bean burgers from The Vegan Table tasted good, but they didn’t stay together very well. They are also not spicy, but I didn’t want to add too many jalapenos on the off chance that someone else at the party wants a veggie burger rather than meat. No one touched my veggie burgers two years ago, but they went fast today. If you like spicy, you definitely need more than one jalapeno. They are too fragile to grill, so brought some aluminum foil to keep them from falling through the grills.

I made an apple pie from How it all Vegan with caramel-cinnamon ice cream. The pie is good, but the ice cream is amazing! The best vegan ice cream I’ve ever eaten (ok, most of it sucks, so that isn’t a huge compliment, but this stuff is really good!)

20110703-095602.jpg 20110703-095611.jpg 20110703-095700.jpg

The Crystal Lake Parade is a big deal. People stake out their spots along the parade route days in advance.

There are lots of fire trucks in the parade

20110703-063055.jpg 20110703-063109.jpg

I have no idea what this girl has to do with the Boy Scouts.


Patriotic dogs


The Lawn Chair Dads.  Just bizarre.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture of them swinging their lawn chairs around.


Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam


This just looks terrifying.


Besides firetrucks, there are lots of Shriners in tiny modes of transportation, including magic carpets.


Gay Pride in McHenry County


The Crystal Lake Strikers


Jesse White Tumblers – the highlight of the Parade.


Marching Band from Chicago


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