Friday Roundup

I’ve had lots of fun this week with farmers market produce. On Wednesday, I finally got around to trying this delicious soup from One Green Planet.


To go along with the soup, I made a beautiful salad with edible flowers from the farmers market. Mixed greens with a white wine vinaigrette topped with sautéed leeks, toasted walnuts and flowers.


As much as I hate McDonald’s, I was lured into there on Wednesday when I drove to Rockford with a broken air conditioner. The frozen strawberry lemonade is pretty good, or maybe I was delirious from the heat.

20110701-111113.jpg 20110701-111143.jpg

My favorite part of driving to Rockford is seeing the cows.


They are so cute! How can anyone eat cows? I don’t understand.

My mom gave me a bunch of cucumbers from the Helena farmers market. It was more cucumbers than I could eat, so last night I tried pickling for the first time. Hopefully, I am good at this because I had to buy a case of 10 mason jars. The pickles will be ready to try on Sunday. *fingers crossed*

20110701-110603.jpg 20110701-110636.jpg

And finally, mulberry cobbler. Prior to this cobbler, my only experience with mulberries was the nursery rhyme. After de-stemming two cups of mulberries, I now know why they were just going around the mulberry bush rather than standing still and eating mulberries. My fingers are still dyed blue. However, this cobbler was delicious. I used the recipe for blueberry cobbler in The Joy of Vegan Baking.

20110701-112035.jpg 20110701-112101.jpg

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