Martha Stewart Monday: Summer Succotash

Today has been a cah-razy Monday. It started as I was leaving for yoga and got a text from my boss to handle a scheduling conference. No biggie. I had to leave yoga 15 minutes early to swing by the office for file materials, but that’s fine (the class was being held in the gym again anyway). Except that it wasn’t a scheduling conference, it was a hearing for a temporary restraining order and I knew barely any facts and had no witnesses! Awesome.

It was a two glass of wine night with a delicious summer succotash from Martha Stewart and a tofurkey and pesto sandwich.

The summer succotash is already vegan, so nothing had to be veganized tonight. It did have to be suburbanized. I’ve never seen cranberry beans at Jewel, but Cook’s Thesaurus told me I could sub pinto beans. I used canned beans, which is not ideal, but it was already 7:30 by the time I was at store and it would just have to do. I also just used haricots verts, not haricots verts and wax beans.  The haricots verts came in 8 ounces, so I just bought those.

I made a garlic scape pesto last night, which I used on the sandwiches with Tofurkey turkey deli slices and red iceberg lettuce from the farmers market.

The wine was from the Green Box Boutique.  There was a wine tasting last Thursday with some great wines. This Moelleux was my favorite and only $8.00.

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