Red Thai Tofu

Today got off to a rough start, so I opted to go out for lunch instead of heating up a can of soup. I really just wanted to be out of the office. I almost always go to Expressly Leslie when I don’t bring leftovers and I almost always order the same thing. I tell myself that I’ll try something new next time, but then I always order the lentil soup and/or eggplant.  They didn’t have the Moroccan eggplant (eggplant is out of season), so I was forced to try something new. I ordered the mushroom barley soup and ful, the latter being amazingly delicious. It’s my new favorite.


I also tried a vegan cinnamon truffle (Vegan truffles in Woodstock!!), which was delicious and creamy.

For dinner, we had Thai food from Appetite for Reduction. Best Thai food I’ve eaten at home, and even better than a lot of take-out because it wasn’t greasy.

I had to make a few suburban adjustments to the Red Thai Tofu, Bhutanese Pineapple Rice and Green Beans with Thai Basil. There’s no Thai basil at the Woodstock Jewel, so regular basil had to do. I doubt anyone at Jewel has ever heard of Bhutan. Jasmine rice is about as exotic as they get there, so I used red quinoa that I picked up from the organic market in Rockford. Jewel had three rotting red onions on Sunday, so I subbed a small yellow onion. I do not like pineapple, so I omitted that and I used parsley instead of cilantro in the rice dish, because I had bunch that needed to be used. But with all my substitutions, the meal still turned out fabulous!


The day ended much better than it started. We received this in the mail from our photographer. It looks so nice.

And it made me wish I had a piece of this:

(Photo by Ethan Yang; Cake by Sticky Fingers Bakery)

We’re going to a wedding in DC this weekend, so I am very excited to stop by Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats!

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