Two posts in one day

I guess this makes up for several days of not posting. After I dropped off my baked goods and helped set up for the sale, H and I went to lunch. I wanted to try Handlebar, but it was much further than I originally thought and because we had to go back to pick up my plastic containers, we just went across the street to Jerry’s Sandwiches and Beer. On his menu, Jerry identifies which of his breads are vegan. Except for the peanut butter sandwich, I think all of the vegetarian sandwiches have cheese, but that’s easily fixed.  I ordered the fried tofu sandwich, which is Louisiana-style fried tofu, avocado, cilantro, sliced jalapeño, salsa on dark rye. The jalapeño had a nice kick.


After lunch, we went back to the bake sale at Greenheart. In the first hour, they raised $500! I’m looking forward to hearing the total. On our way in, we passed three people with cappuccino cupcakes! I bought a chocolate peanut butter cup, which was delicious.

For dinner, I tried some more Kind Diet recipes: black-eyed pea croquettes with Dijon glaze and Cuban-style roasted sweet potatoes.  I had a little trouble with the croquettes falling apart, but everything tasted great.  The lime and garlic on the sweet potatoes was a nice touch. To use up the mint I bought last week, I made strawberry mojitos.

20110403-091024.jpg 20110403-091034.jpg 20110403-091046.jpg 20110403-091057.jpg

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