Vegan in Vegas – Day 4

We woke up too early on Friday morning and had a very busy day. Coffee was the first order of business and I walked over the the Palms food court where there is a Coffee Bean. I got a soy latte and some hummus and pita chips, which is probably not considered breakfast food to most people, but this wasn’t the first time I’ve eaten hummus before noon.

After a lovely 8 mile run down to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and up the strip (in shorts & a tank top!), H & I went out to explore some more casinos. But first we needed margaritas. We went to Cabo Wabo Catina, which, despite the ridiculous name, has great margaritas. The place was packed, but we got seats facing the strip. It was perfect for people watching and my favorite thing to see was a woman in a scooter fly up the escalator ramp. I ordered the waborita (no, seriously that is the name of its house margarita) and mushroom fajitas.The mushrooms were flavorful and the salsa was good, but the rest of the food was just average. The drinks and the view were the highlight of the meal.

After lunch we went to Aria, Monte Carlo, New York, New York, Excalibur, Luxor, and Mandalay Bay and down to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign so I could take a picture. H got his hair cut at the Art of Shaving in the Mandalay Bay shops and I window shopped at Stella McCartney in the Crystals.

We barely made it back to the Palms Place for a nap before we had to head out for dinner and Cirque du Soleil KÀ.

Nobu‘s Secret Vegan Menu

Despite not eating fish, I rarely have trouble finding something to eat at a sushi restaurant. Just give me some edamame and an avocado roll and I’m happy.  Nobu’s menu had a few vegan-sounding dishes, so we decided to check it out on Friday night. As soon as we were seated, we were asked if we wanted edamame and the answer to that question is always “yes.” H ordered a masu of sake, which means it is served in a box. It’s a little awkward to drink. I ordered one of Nobu’s March special cocktails. I don’t remember what it was, but it was good and very sweet.

When we told the server I was vegan, he had all sorts of suggestions. He said that what they usually do is just bring out random vegan dishes until I’m full. Sounds good to me!

My first course was a lotus chip with veggies. This was my favorite dish. (The sesame carrots in the garnish were also tasty).

Next I was served the Hearts of Palm salad with a creamy avocado-y dressing. Hearts of Palm is not a vegetable I eat very often, but this was delicious. H said it reminded him of kimchi. It may have used some of the same spices – maybe the red stuff you can see in the picture.

The third course was a tofu dish, which was fine, but not as good as the other dishes.

I was full at this point, but didn’t want to leave Nobu without having a sushi roll, so my final course was the vegetable roll. H helped me eat it and he said that it was more impressive than his sushi. While he thoroughly enjoyed his non-sushi dishes and it was obvious that the fish was high quality, the rolls and sashimi were nothing special. Veggie roll trumps raw fish!

Dinner took a long time and we had to rush over to MGM as soon as we took the last bite of the vegetable roll. KÀ was amazing! I thought I was booking balcony seats, but we were front and center. I even dared H to reach out and tickle one of the performers feet; we were that close. Thankfully no one fell on top of us.  It was a very impressive show and had more plot development than Le Reve.  The theater is equally impressive.

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