Wazuzu & Sinatra

On Wednesday morning we had the most ridiculously over-priced breakfast ($8.50 for oatmeal!!), explored the strip and went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. When we arrived back at the Encore, we went to Wazuzu. The back page had a long list of vegan options. I decided to get the California Stir Fry – brown rice with veggies, baked tofu and edamame. It was not very oily, which was good, but the serving was ginormous. It was nothing special. I wish I ordered a sushi roll and the dumplings.

After lunch we took a nap and hit the gym. I went to a spin class, which was pricey, but a lot of fun. I miss spinning!

For dinner we went to Sinatra, an Italian restaurant at Encore. It has a separate vegan menu with many veganized versions of Italian favorites. It uses a meat substitute called Gardein, which I’ve never had and didn’t want to try for the first time in an $33 marsala dish. I started with a butternut squash soup with vegan ricotta-filled tortellinis. Amazing!! The restaurant was a little dark, so my pictures aren’t that great.

For my main course, I had the Sicilian-style couscous. It was tasty, but not as good as the soup.

I also had a pear margarita, which was delicious.

After dinner, we saw Penn & Teller. They had some very impressive tricks, but one that involved cutting open a fish, which is disgusting. Back at the Wynn, it was ladies night at Blush with free champagne from 11-midnight. I also ordered the melon martini, which is the best drink I’ve had so far in Vegas.

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