Top Chef Wednesday – All Stars Episode 13

On Friday, we are going on vacation, which means we need to use up ingredients in the fridge before our trip. I had a container of mushrooms that needed to be eaten, so I did a search for “mushrooms” in Top Chef’s recipe finder and settled on Howie Kleinberg’s Mushroom Risotto. It needed a few adjustments. I used Vegetarian chicken broth, margarine, vegan Parmesan topping, soy milk, and truffle olive oil.

I would just like to point out that my risotto spread when it was put on the plate.

Tonight’s Top Chef episode takes place in the Bahamas, which, by the way, is not a monarchy. The chefs went head to head against the winning chef from their season. Mike (seriously?), Tiffany, and Richard are winners, but Carla didn’t cook her rice and Antonio had problems with veal this week (come on, Top Chef! Stop with the veal!)

The elimination challenge was strange. A fire in the kitchen made everyone start over again. Mike, for the first time I think, won a challenge. Richard was second and the girls were in trouble. And then a terrible tragedy occurred! Carla was sent home!! How can Carla go home before Tiffany?! And why is Tiffany even in the finale? How did Mike win?

Birthday Pop Tarts

Yesterday was my boss’s birthday. He usually doesn’t come into the office on Tuesdays, so I brought in birthday pop tarts today. He loves pop tarts and there are two boxes of brown cinnamon pop tarts on the lunch room table. However, gelatin is one of the ingredients in frosted pop tarts. So, I made a vegan version free of animal products and preservatives found in the boxed kind.  They don’t look pretty, but they did taste good.

The big news in vegan baking: Sticky Fingers won Cupcake Wars last night! Sticky Fingers was my neighborhood bakery when I lived in DC and I miss them so much. They did our wedding cake which was amazing. Doron Petersan rocked and made delicious & hilarious cupcakes. Take that, eggs & dairy!

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