Mary’s Market

I had two oral arguments today in Winnebago County, so I spent the day in Rockford and killed the couple hours in between arguments at Mary’s Market. Mary’s Market knows the word “vegan” and has a heart icon on its menu denoting heart healthy vegan options. My favorite is the mediterranean wrap with roasted veggies, hummus and a balsamic vinegarette. It’s served with your choice of a side and today I tried the black bean salad.

It also serves beer and wine. I’m not going to lie, a glass of Pinot Noir was tempting after the way the first argument went, but a drinking lunch probably wouldn’t be the best preparation for the second argument. I opted for a small soy latte instead.


    1. That sounds good too.
      My wraps were okay, I think they could have used a little more flavor (does that give you a clue?) and I could have probably doubled the vegetables, it seemed skimpy – I like mine stuffed.

      This week R and I are making black bean lasagna with salad and then Portabello mushroom burgers with sweet potato fries and spinach.

      R said she bought “ice cream” made with coconut milk. Have you heard of that? Tried it? (no dairy products she said) I’m going to look for it in Publix today. She thought it was good and she was saying coconut milk is not thought to be good for you?

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