A Vegan Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras may be over a week away, but the party has already started down in NOLA. This week we’re celebrating with vegan versions of New Orleans classics.

Starting with red beans and rice:

My big experiment this weekend was making sea seitan for etouffee. This was my second time making seitan and it went much better. Last time it wasn’t even edible. No one is going to confuse sea seitan with fish, but it’s good and something different.

Of course, hurricanes are required. This recipe tastes fine, but it is not red. Hurricanes are red! Sadly, we do not have any hurricane glasses.

And finally, king cake!

I didn’t have a plastic baby to bake into the cake, but I did find a strand of baby beads. It’s kind of creepy.

But so good!

(If you make the king cake recipe, do not put salt in the icing!)

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