Top Chef Wednesday – All Stars Episode 10

Another Carla recipe and another huge success. Tonight I made Pecan and Oat Crusted Tofu served over a delicious lentil salad. I didn’t eat much for dinner because I ate so much salad while making the tofu.

Tonight’s episode was brought to you by Sesame Street and Target.

Who better to judge a cookie baking contest than Cookie Monster! Cookie Monster, Elmo and another muppet were the quickfire judges. Carla’s chocolate chip cookies looked really good. I’m going to have to try adding cinnamon – maybe that’s what the perfect chocolate chip cookie needs. Unfortunately she did not make it to the top. Neither did Richard with his ice cream discs. Despite Elmo’s PG-13 description of Antonia’s cookie, she was in the race for top cookie with Dale. Somehow Dale won with a disgusting potato chip and chocolate concoction.

A gimmicky elimination challenge had the chefs cooking in Target.  Three hours to shop for everything from food to tables to knives and pots and cook for 100 people. It was not a pretty challenge.  Dale won with grilled cheese and tomato soup (!) and Angelo was sent home for salty baked potato soup.

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