Go Rellow Knight!

Tonight we had the ultimate cheesy experience at Medieval Times. There was a special offer in this week’s Travelzoo for Valentine’s Day weekend, so we decided to check it out.  I did a little research yesterday and learned that most of its vegetarian options are also vegan.  Our special Valentine package included:

  • Four-course medieval feast
  • Two-hour live tournament show
  • Two commemorative photos
  • Two glasses of champagne  served in keepsake flutes
  • A Valentine scroll
  • A lighted rose
  • A cheering wand
  • Two cheering flags
  • Two tickets to the Museum of Torture and Dungeon

Cheers! We drank our champagne as we waited in line for the Museum of Torture. This is so romantic!

We were cheering for the red & yellow knight.  We received red & yellow crowns and flags.

Before dinner, we stopped at the bar.  Most people were drinking out of ginormous goblets and glasses, but fortunately they also served drinks in smaller servings.  I got the Maiden’s Kiss, which is a frozen strawberry daiquiri (non-alcoholic, I believe) with shots of peach schnapps and vodka.  So yummy.  I drank half of it before we got to our seat and I could take a picture.

The first course was tomato soup, served sans spoon. Not too bad.

The vegetarian entree was a Portabello mushroom cap stuffed with a whole grain, rice and bean blend, a large skewer of roasted vegetables, and hummus with pita chips.  I’m so glad that princesses of the 10th century were able to snack on pita chips! It probably made dealing with a cold castle much more bearable. This certainly wasn’t anywhere near the top ten restaurant meals of my life, but for a restaurant that specializes in using your hands to eat a big leg of chicken, I was impressed. There was an apple pastry for dessert, but I’m sure it had butter in it.  Besides, I was too full to eat dessert.

The tournament was fun.  The actors had ridiculous accents, like they were trying to be proper and maybe English, but it was just off.  I didn’t understand what was happening at the beginning, but apparently it was the prince being captured. Oh no!

Our blue-robed MC for the night introduced the six knights.

It’s really hard to cheer for the red & yellow knight, especially because there is a red knight and a yellow knight, so I shorted it to “rellow.”

So it starts off with some little games (bulls-eyes and sticking spears through a small ring), which all the knights successfully performed. Then they were paired up to fight each other.  It began with some jousting and then they got off the horses and fought with swords. Sadly, the rellow knight did not win his match.

They paraded around for a while and a horse came out and danced.  I felt bad for the horses, but they were very good dancers.  Who knew horses could dance?

The evil green knight turned out to be the prince’s captor.  I guess he wanted two kingdoms. In the final battle of the evening, the prince and the black and white knight fought the green knight. You’re just going to have to go yourself to see if the evil knight defeats the good prince. So suspenseful!

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