Top Chef Saturday – All Stars Episode 7

Your least favorite dishes…

Unfortunately, I was not able to find black lentils in time for tonight’s Top Chef meal. I guess I’ll have to order online. For tonight’s menu, I searched under cheap meals thinking that cheap items are more likely to be readily available in the burbs. I settled on a red bean dip and a carrot ginger soup and bought all the necessary ingredients. Then I looked at Wikipedia for a synopsis of the episodes that featured these recipes. Both of them are from quickfire challenges and both chefs were in the bottom three! I hope that any issues these dishes had were fixed before Bravo put the recipes online.

From the best of the best to the worst of the worst: Mattin’s Carrot Ginger Soup and Radhika’s Red Bean Dip :

The recipes were easily veganizable.  I just bought a can of vegetarian chili for the bean dip and made tofu sour cream for the soup.  The red bean dip didn’t look pretty, but it was pretty good.  I used hot Giardiniera pepper relish, which gave it some nice heat.   On the other hand, the soup looked lovely, but I agree that it should have received a spot at the bottom of the challenge.  Fortunately, the recipe didn’t make a lot of soup.  H finished it off with a second helping, so there are no leftovers I feel obligated to eat.

This week on Top Chef it was Restaurant Wars: Restaurant Bodega vs. Restaurant Etch.  With Dale, Carla & Richard on a team,the other team barely stood a chance.  However, the twist this season was that the diners would vote for the winner, so who knows what could happen.  It was obvious that the judges favored Bodega, with its clear theme, well-executed dishes and top-notch service.  Etch received some praise from diners, but there were also a number of dishes being sent back.  It was hard to watch Tiffany in the front of the house.  She seemed so uncomfortable, especially compared to Fabio, who is a front of the house master.

The judges had nothing but praise for the chefs of Bodega, but it was nervous Richard who got the win.  The chefs of Etch continued their bickering at the judge’s table and the unstable executive chef Marcel was told to pack his bags and go.

To celebrate Marcel’s departure, we had chocolate mousse from the Joy of Vegan baking.  The recipe does not actually call for sugar, but it is suggested variation.  I strongly recommend adding sugar.

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