Ethiopian Seitan & Peppers with Savory Crepes

I haven’t had Ethiopian food since I lived in DC, a city known for its amazing Ethiopian food.  One of the women in my running group adopted a little boy from Ethiopia last January, so they went down to Chicago to celebrate his one year anniversary in the U.S.  We talked about how good and vegetarian friendly Ethiopian food is.

When I was looking for recipes to use up the seitan I bought at Whole Foods months ago, I came across Ethiopian Seitan and Peppers in Vegan with a Vengeance.  I was definitely in the mood for Ethiopian spices.

This recipe is really easy, especially if you have pre-made seitan.  With 6 serreno peppers though, this recipe is Spicy!   I even put ice in my water, which I rarely do.  I’m surprised at how spongy the crepes were.  Not like authentic injera, but it’s a good substitute.




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