Cusp, the Final Chapter

I finally got my jacket today!  I saw the FedEx truck as I pulled into the office parking lot this morning and that made going back to work after a holiday a little more bearable.   Getting this jacket was quite the ordeal and I definitely do not recommend shopping at Cusp.   With all the companies that promptly process and ship orders, why would anyone want to buy from Cusp?

For the most part, the customer service representatives were extremely friendly and apologetic.  However, on Friday, when I was the most angry, because it was clear I would not be able to wear the jacket on New Year’s Eve, I spoke to April Ludgate.  It was the apathetic customer service one might expect from Wal-Mart, not a company owned by Neiman Marcus.   She acted like Cusp was doing me a huge favor in re-routing my package all around the country.  No, you have to do that because you keep screwing it up.  Then she tried to tell me that I didn’t get the order in on time on Wednesday, which was why it was not shipped out until Thursday.  Again, no, the order was placed the previous Friday and on Tuesday I was told it would be overnighted.  It was too late to go out on Tuesday, so it was supposed to go out on Wednesday.  After talking for several minutes without apologizing, I straight out told her that it made me even angrier that she was apologizing.  In an extremely sarcastic tone, she replied, “uh, sorry.”  I get that you don’t want to work on New Year’s Eve, but at least try to do your job.  She also kept saying “Illi-noise,” which annoyed me even more.

All of that is behind me now.  The jacket fits perfectly!  I’m looking for something to do this weekend, so I have an excuse to wear it.

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