Broccoli-Potato Soup with Fresh Herbs + Top Chef

I made this soup a couple of years ago and it was really good.  And memorable, because as I was driving home thinking of what I should buy at the grocery store, I thought of this soup.  I called H from the store and had him look up the ingredients.  The fresh herbs are a nice addition.  The pureed potatoes give it a creamy texture without any cream (it’s not really as yellow as it looks in the pictures).


Top Chef.  Why do I like this show?  It’s almost always about meat and there are often shots of animal carcasses.  Even worse, the chefs can be condescending towards vegetarian food.  Currently the All Stars season is on and we’ve been catching up on the first few episodes tonight.  In the second episode, a breakfast buffet challenge put two teams up against each other: Team Brontosaurus vs. Team Tyrannosaurus.  Of course, the chef who was allowed to pick which one she wanted went for the t-rex.  She did not realize the dinosaur was a carnivore and the team was only allowed meat and meat products (gross, but ha!).  I rooted for Team Brontosaurus.  They had some weird things on their breakfast menu (gnocchi?  gazpacho? really?), but they pulled it off.  Vegetables, fruit & grains for the win!

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