Fashion Victim

Two weeks ago I stood outside of Wal-Mart (I didn’t purchase anything, but I still felt slimy being on its property), sang Christmas carols and rang a Salvation Army bell.  It’s another running group tradition and it was a lot of fun. We ended the night at Around the Clock for pie.  Of course, there is no vegan pie.  I read the menu before bell ringing and skipped dinner so I could have a veggie sandwich sans cheese while everyone else ate dessert.

It was a very chilly night and we would be out there for two hours.  I put on all my cold weather running base layers: tights and an Under Armour mock turtleneck.  I stayed warm except for my toes and fingers.  I have a pair of gloves on my Christmas wishlist, but I was waiting for Neuaura’s release of its faux Uggs.  I have hated Uggs for years.  They are hideously ugg-ly, but it’s hard to find warm boots.  I’ve looked for two years & I surrender to the fashion goddess of trendiness.   I promise to never wear them with a mini skirt in the middle of summer, but you can still call me a fashion victim.

They were supposed to come out in October, but it was delayed for some reason.  Today, this popped up on Facebook:

Neuaura’s Robin Boots have a recycled faux  suede upper with a plush faux fur lining, a non-skid sole and the upper material is 100% water-proof so it’s perfect for the winter weather!  To make it even better, there’s a 25% off code & it works for the pre-order (Code is 10037) and 10% of online sales go here.  My toes can’t wait for the January arrival!

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