Chicago French Market: Raw

The French Market in Ogilvie Transportation Center attempts to create a quaint European market vibe, but it still feels like you are in a commuter train station.  There are fruit and vegetable stands, bakeries, a wine store and several lunch spots.  One of these lunch spots is Raw, a creatively named restaurant that only serves raw food.*  Some of the food at Raw is delicious and it’s hard to believe it’s raw.  Other items make me want to vomit.  For that reason, I am hesitant to try new things. They frequently offer samples, so that’s a good way to test things out before you spend $15 on a lunch that ultimately ends up in the trash.

Today I had court in Chicago, so I stopped by the French Market to pick up lunch.  I decided a to try a kale salad.  A salad is always raw, so it was a pretty safe bet.

It was a very good salad.  I’ve never had raw kale before, but it wasn’t too coarse.  There was just the right amount of dressing and the sunflower & pumpkin seeds were a nice touch.  However, I was not a fan of the gojiberries (even though I love them in Clif nectar bars) and the avocado was not quite ripe.

Raw is nice to visit every month or so, but I cannot get on the raw food bandwagon.  I just love hot food too much to give it up, especially in the winter.  Eating raw food does feel very healthy though, even when you are eating a lemon bar.

* After reading its website, I learned that R.A.W. stands for Raising Awareness Worldwide.

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