Restaurant Review: Expressly Leslie

One of the few good things about living in Woodstock is Expressly Leslie.  For some unknown reason, there is a vegetarian restaurant here and it is always busy!  I am honestly shocked that it is still open, because usually if something is good, it goes out of business in approximately 4.667 weeks.  Meanwhile, restaurants that serve canned and frozen food do quite well.  The Woodstock palate is not very sophisticated.

I left my quiche on the kitchen counter today and took that as a sign that I needed to buy lunch.  I always say I will try something new, but the only things I ever get are the lentil soup or the eggplant pocket.  This eggplant is amazingly delicious.

Expressly Leslie also knows what a vegan is!  They’ve added tags to the menu to indicate what is vegan.  The eggplant pocket on the menu is not vegan if you get it with the cucumber salad, but they substituted the cucumber salad with a cucumber tahini salad topping.  It also comes with some hot sauce.

Finally, for dessert there are vegan cookies from Jaci’s Cookies!


  1. Thank you for the nice comments! I love Woodstock and hope to be around for a long time . . .

    Jame, who works with me in the cafe now, started his career as a chef on the square in Woodstock. He brings 35 years of experience in the food service industry to my little place. We can serve people much more quickly now, can offer an even greater variety of delicious vegetarian and vegan items thanks to creative teamwork — and finally have a catering and special orders menu.

    Oh, the “unknown reason” that I’m in Woodstock is the Farmers Market. When I had my concession trailer and was looking for local places to serve, the Woodstock Farmers Market attracted me. Keith Johnson and all the other market folks were so supportive, and I loved the atmosphere of the Square on Market Days. Woodstock responded so positively to anything I served from my trailer, and it was always fun to be in this unique town. When a little spot became available across the street from where my trailer was always parked, it just seemed inevitable that I was meant to be in it.

  2. i drove from poplar grove (about 45 or so minutes) in order to try expressly leslie’s. i am always on the look-out for places that serve vegan fare. i cannot wait to come back for more falafel. and next time, i’m going to have some baked goods! i loved it!

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