I own every Isa Chandra Moskowitz cookbook, but this is the only hardcover one I have. It makes cooking from here feel fancier. There are some good recipes in here (an amazing pesto!), but honestly, it’s not my favorite cookbook. Also, there are a lot of mistakes. The person who proofread this book should find a new line of work.

On Sunday evening I made the Chickpea cutlets with mustard sauce and lemony roasted potatoes. It was good, but not that impressive. The preparation time-deliciousness ratio was unbalanced. The potatoes were uncooperative and I got tired of trying to flip them. I’m pretty sure my right hand got a little sunburned (ovenburned?) when I was trying to stir them up. They are on the greasy side. The lemon flavor is subtle, but I’m not convinced that lemon and potatoes go together. I will not be making this recipe again.

I’ve been wanting to make the chickpea cutlets for a long time. The picture in the cookbook looks amazing and I’ve read blog posts praising this recipe. I had high expectations for these cutlets and they did not deliver. It might be my fault. I started off by making these, when I should have started with the potatoes. The cutlets sat uncooked for maybe an hour. Perhaps that is bad for chickpea cutlets. I’ll give this recipe another shot now that I know how to time everything.

The mustard sauce was the best part of the meal. I love dijon mustard. I could eat it straight out of the bottle. I ran out of garlic on this recipe and was a little short on the lemon juice after the lemony roasted potatoes, but it was still good. I used one clove instead of three and added some garlic salt. The recipe tells you to mix cornstarch with vegetable broth and set aside. The mixture is never mentioned again. I added it with the mustard and that seemed to work.

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